Safe Sleeping Tips for Baby – Gunapod Luxury Duvet Sleep Sack

Safe Sleeping Tips for Baby – Gunapod Luxury Duvet Sleep Sack from Lisa Weidknecht  As a new parent, safety is always the top priority. You want to make sure your baby is sleeping as safely as possible. Once your baby falls asleep, you likely sneak away to tidy the house, do some much needed laundry,…

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Mommies With Cents: Gunapod Luxury Duvet for Baby: Review & #Giveaway

We LOVE this review from Mommies with Cents! We can not get over these adorable  photos of this blogger’s tiny 2 week old niece in our Luxury Duvet Gunapod! (Link below for the Mommies with Cents blog and giveaway!) Mommies With Cents: Gunapod Luxury Duvet for Baby: Review & #Giveaway Having a newborn can be…

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Lil Mamas: Sat Stuff We Like– GUNAPOD Wearable Blanket

A glowing review from The Lil Mamas! Welp. It’s gotten a wee bit chilly ’round the country the last few weeks, which means finding the right products to keep warm is key. Especially when it comes to keeping your baby warm. Meet Gunapod – The EASIER SAFER SMARTER wearable blanket – for any of your…

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A Mom’s Paradise Luxury Duvet Gunapod Review #ChristmasGiftGuide

Tis the Season for Gift Guides!We love that A Mom’s Paradise has voted our Duvet Gunapod a Gift Guide Must Have…WooHoo! Read for yourself why this review in particular is one of our favs so far! Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet for Baby Review #ChristmasGiftGuide November 30 2016 By A Mom’s Paradise “If your looking for…

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Pregnancy Magazine Luxury Duvet Wearable Blanket Review

Seeing this review of our *New*  Luxury Duvet Gunapod in Pregnancy Magazine’s Buyer Guide yesterday morning totally made our weekend! We have to admit, we still get a little giddy when we see our name published especially in such well respected publications and media outlets. Knowing that so many babies sleep better and safer because…

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Baby Gizmo Video Review

WOW! BabyGizmo, aka one of the most trusted resources for parents on the web, did a video review of our NEW Luxury Duvet Gunapod! We feel a little bit like celebrities and can’t stop jumping up and down with excitement! Holly did an amazing job showing off our patented Wonderzip and we love that she…

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