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Sleep Cheat Sheet by Well Rested Baby

Sleep Cheat Sheet
We all know that babies and toddlers need more sleep than adults but may not know much about their specific sleep needs.This Sleep Reference Guide will give you a general idea of your child’s sleep requirements.
Biological Rhythms:
The amount of sleep children need is based on biological rhythms.
We all have internal clocks that make us feel drowsy at certain times both during the day and in the evening. At those times it is easiest to fall asleep and the sleep we get is most restorative. Our biological clock evolves as we grow and our brains mature; thus over time you will see shifts in both the timing and the amount of sleep your baby needs. The natural change in our biological rhythms as we age also explains why we can not influence sleep during the first couple of months of a baby’s life–these biological rhythms do not yet exist.
Your Childs Sleep by Age:
When reading through this chart please note that your child’s estimated date of delivery determines when he will typically hit sleep milestones. For example, a baby born three weeks early will tend to hit sleep milestones three weeks later than he would if he had been born on his due date.
The following is a guideline only. You know your baby best and you should
always use your best judgment (in consultation with your pediatrician) when determining an appropriate sleep schedule.
Newborn to 6 weeks
For newborns, sleep comes when it wants to and there is no discernible pattern to their sleep. Let your baby sleep as often and for as long as he would like. It is impossible to put newborns on a sleep schedule, as their brains are not yet developed enough to influence a sleep pattern. Unfortunately, most newborns have day and night confusion and tend to have long stretches of sleep during
the day rather than at night. Many babies are fussier in the late afternoon.
Most will grow out of this behavior at around 6 weeks of age.
At this age it is ok to do whatever is necessary to soothe your baby and get everyone in your family the sleep they need.
6 Weeks
Many babies start to sleep longer stretches of 4-6 hours during the night.
This is an indication that your baby’s brain is maturing. However, your baby is still too young to be put on a sleep schedule. Afternoon fussiness starts to go away and you might even start to notice your baby smiling socially.
2 Months to 3 Months
Your baby is now becoming a social being and might not be as eager to fall asleep as he had been during his first 8 weeks. Some babies who were once able to sleep anywhere and through any amount of noise now need a
consistent and quiet environment to promote healthy and lengthy sleep.
Now is a great time to start laying the groundwork for your baby’s healthy sleep foundation. This includes getting him used to sleeping in a consistent place (i.e. his crib or bassinet), allowing him to take naps and go to
bed when he needs to and before he becomes overtired, implementing a consistent soothing routine, and starting to let him try to soothe himself to sleep. While your baby is not ready for a consistent sleep schedule, you should start to pay attention to his sleepy cues and put him down to sleep as soon you notice these signs. Typical sleepy cues are yawning, eye rubbing, ear
pulling, zoning out or turning his head side to side. Every baby is different and as you watch him more closely you will learn your baby’s signals that he is ready to go to sleep.
Right now you can expect wakeful periods of about 60 to 90 minutes before your baby will need to nap. This means that your baby will likely be taking 4-6 naps a day of varying length. Bedtime should fit into your baby’s wakeful period (that is, it should be about an hour after he wakes from his last nap) and you should expect between 2- 4 feedings at night.
3 Months to 4 Months
At 3 months you will still need to be watching the clock to ensure your baby doesn’t become overtired. However, you will start to see some daytime sleep patterns forming at around 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. At this point you can expect that your baby will take 4 naps a day. Bedtime should be between 6pm–8pm and your baby may need 2-4 feedings at night. Now is a good time
to let you baby “practice” self soothing. If he wakes early from a nap try giving him a few minutes to see if he will return to sleep.
4 Months to 5 Months
Your baby is now old enough to be on a daytime sleep schedule.
Most babies this age should be taking 3 naps a day at approximately 9am, 12pm, and 3pm. Short naps should be pushed to 1 hour. To do this, try leaving your baby in his crib for a full hour even if he is awake. (This is called the “hour rule.”) This is a perfect opportunity for a baby to learn and practice self-soothing skills, and there is always a chance he will go back to sleep ·Bedtime should be about 2-2.5 hours after the end of your baby’s last nap. Try your best to put your baby down sleepy but awake to promote self-soothing skills. At 4-5 months your baby’s daytime sleep is just starting to become organized.Therefore you will need to be patient and as consistent as possible in scheduling naptimes and giving your baby the opportunity to soothe
himself back to sleep when he wakes early from a nap. The most important thing you can do is to be consistent so your baby understands what is now expected of him.
6 Months to 8 Months
Your baby should be taking 3 naps a day now (at around 9am and 1pm with a variable third nap starting about two hours after the end of the second nap). The third nap will be a shorter nap because it only serves as a buffer to keep your baby rested until bedtime.You should not start a third nap after 4pm. Bedtime should be about 3 hours after the end of your baby’s last nap and should vary based on the quality of daytime sleep (i.e. bedtime should be earlier if the quality of day sleep was poor). Your baby may need 1 feeding at night.
8 Months to 10 Months
Around this time period your baby will start to drop his third nap in favor of two naps at 9am and 1pm. The second nap should be the longer of the two. It is important that you pay special attention to making bedtime earlier when the transition from two naps to one nap occurs so that your child does not become overtired. Bedtime should be no more than 3-4 hours after the end of your child’s second nap. One overnight feeding may still be necessary through the ninth month.
11 Months to 13 Months
This is a fairly consistent period during which your baby’s sleep will likely not change that much. Your baby will still need a two nap schedule although you may start to notice that his wakeful period between naps is becoming longer.
14 Months to 18 Months
Sometime during this period you can expect your child to transition from two naps to one nap. There are several signs that this change is occurring: your child may play through his morning nap, his morning nap may
start later and last too long to fit in a true afternoon nap, or the morning nap remains intact but your child may refuse to take an afternoon nap or the afternoon nap starts too late and interferes with bedtime. This is a difficult transition and it can take months for your child to fully settle into his new schedule. An early bedtime during this time period will help prevent your child from becoming overtired and will make this difficult transition as painless as possible.
19 Months to 3 Years
Your child will still require a nap until about the age of three. At around the age of 2 years many children will lengthen their naps to periods of time up to 3 hours. Do not allow your child to nap past 4pm or this will affect the quality of his nighttime sleep. It’s important at this age to be consistent with this nap because your child needs this nap to stay rested.
As your child approaches the age of 3 years there might be a period of time when he begins not to fall asleep right away and instead plays a bit during the nap. Many parents believe this means that their child is transitioning out of this nap. However, do not jump to this conclusion without first moving the start time of your child’s nap back a bit. It is only natural for the start of your child’s nap to slip later due to activities, the needs of your other children, etc., and often simply moving the start time of his nap back to 12:30 or 1pm is
enough to restore your child’s nap.
When your child transitions out of napping you should institute quiet time (about an hour during which he stays in his bedroom and quietly plays if he chooses not to sleep). An early bedtime will once again become
necessary to prevent your child from becoming overtired, as it can take a while for your child to adjust to this new long period of wakefulness. The earlier your child’s bedtime, the better he will be able to tolerate this long wakeful period.
At this stage your child may start waking up in the middle of the night, a normal side effect of his new “no napping” lifestyle A consistent early bedtime will help him be less overtired, better rested and should alleviate his night wakings.
If you need have specific questions about your child’s sleep needs please contact Well Rested Baby for a consultation-amy@wellrestedbaby.com

Safe Sleeping Tips for Baby – Gunapod Luxury Duvet Sleep Sack

Safe Sleeping Tips for Baby – Gunapod Luxury Duvet Sleep Sack

from Lisa Weidknecht 

As a new parent, safety is always the top priority. You want to make sure your baby is sleeping as safely as possible. Once your baby falls asleep, you likely sneak away to tidy the house, do some much needed laundry, or even catch some sleep yourself, which means you aren’t supervising your baby. It’s not possible to supervise your child 24 hours a day, so making sure you have the safest products for your baby is very important.

Safe Sleeping Tips for Baby:

  1. Babies do not need pillows. The NICHHD recommends that you avoid pillows for babies under one year of age. They recommend that parents never place baby on a pillow to sleep and never add pillows to the crib. This is to reduce the risk of SIDS.
  2. Babies do not need crib bumpers. According to the AAP, there is no evidence that crib bumpers protect against injury, but they do carry a potential risk of suffocation, strangulation, or entrapment because infants lack the motor skills or strength to turn their heads should they roll into something that obstructs their breathing.
  3. Blankets are not recommended for babies, either. For more than a decade, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the NIH, and safety experts have warned parents against using soft bedding in infant cribs, either over or under the baby. That includes blankets and quilts. That doesn’t mean letting babies freeze; experts recommend safe one-piece sleepwear and keeping the room at a comfortable temperature.

The safest way for babies to sleep is on their backs on a flat mattress with a tightly fitted sheet. You want to make sure your baby is not too hot not too cold to sleep comfortably. If you are cold, your baby is cold. The Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet Sleep Sack takes into account both the safety of your baby as well as the comfort of your baby.

This adorable Gunapod comes in several different prints, including this Alphabet print which is perfect for either a boy or a girl, plus pink and white hearts for girls, and blue and white stars for boys. Gunapod exceeds the strictest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CPSIA, so parents can be assured their baby is sleeping safely.

A Gunapod is a wearable blanket, made of soft-fibered rayon fabric made from eco-friendly bamboo — a self-replenishing plant that is both plentiful and naturally harvested. The hypoallergenic bamboo fibers actually breathe better than cotton. The fabric is breathable, moisture wicking, and antibacterial. Perfect for protecting sensitive skin, and for keeping your baby’s body from getting overheated. The silky soft bamboo viscose spandex envelops premium insulated lofty fill. Plus, it’s channel stitched to keep the down-like fill from shifting, ensuring even, all-over warmth, and a perfect night’s sleep.

Gunapod comes in small for 0-9 months, medium for 9-18 months, large for 18-24 months, and extra large for 24-36 months. The fabric is so luxurious that you’ll wish it came in adult sizes. Gunapod also features a patented Wonderzip System that allows parents to easily change diapers while keeping the rest of baby covered for warmth. It unzips from the bottom so it can also be unzipped for extra air flow on warmer nights. It also has a wide, long fit so baby can kick and move legs and feet without restrictions. The large armholes and shoulder snaps make dressing baby for bedtime quick and easy. Even the zippers have little covers to make sure baby is comfortable!


Gunapod has won several awards for their ingenious design, including Mom’s Choice Awards, Dr. Toys Best Picks, First Candle Safe Sleep, and Family Choice Award. Gunapod will help baby sleep more comfortably and more safely, which means parents can get a better night’s sleep too. I absolutely love the Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet Sleep Sack. It’s a perfect gift for new parents!


This review with these fab sleeping tips and helpful photos was written by mom blogger Lisa Weidknecht. Lisa is a Kansas blogger, focusing on travel and tourism, food and beverage, home and family, product reviews and giveaways. Lisa survived raising 3 children to adulthood while earning 3 college degrees. She is a retired early childhood educator and has published 2 children’s books. Pop over to her website or one of her social media pages and tell her we sent you!




Luxury Wearable Blankets For Baby Are A Reality With Gunapod

Luxury Wearable Blankets For Baby Are A Reality With Gunapod

 A review by My Sparkling Life

The days of adding blankets to cribs are long gone…we all know keeping a blanket out of the crib reduces SIDS. If you live in a house like mine where even you are cold most of the time, how do you keep baby warm without them suffocating? Wearable Blankets have been the key for a few years now and Gunamuna has taken them to a luxury level with their Gunapods.

Luxuary Wearable Blankets For Baby Are A Reality With Gunapod

Extra lush and snuggly, our new Luxury Duvet Sack provides your baby with the ultimate sleep experience. With super-soft, silky viscose from bamboo that envelops premium fill for extra warmth, it feels like a down comforter. Plus all the exclusive features that have made Gunapod the choice of moms. You’ll love it so much, you’ll wish we had one in your size.

I actually do wish they made them in my size! We might have just spent half of our review time snuggling with it…it’s really that soft! The Gunapod is designed with a 4 way zipper (we’ll talk about in a moment) & snap closures on the shoulders. These features make it super easy to get on and off a wiggly baby. I love the Zip garages that provide added protection for baby’s skin (the little flaps of fabric over the zipper pull).

Luxuary Wearable Blankets For Baby Are A Reality With Gunapod

Luxuary Wearable Blankets For Baby Are A Reality With Gunapod

Luxuary Wearable Blankets For Baby Are A Reality With Gunapod

The Gunapods WONDERZiP® is a 4-way all around U zipper that really makes life easier. With this design it provides easier diaper change & with it’s sleeveless design it enables you to regulate baby’s body temperature for continual comfort — ensuring healthy airflow. The generous fit provides baby with plenty of space to fold legs + spread out, move arms freely & the roomy Gunapod sack can’t be kicked off. That means baby stays comfortable and safe all night long.

Luxuary Wearable Blankets For Baby Are A Reality With Gunapod

All of these features is why Gunapod is a top pick for this years Baby Shower Gift Guide! Now…if someone could get to making me some sort of mermaid blanket out of this plush fabric, that would be great! Mumpod perhaps? 🙂

You can read more proreviews and lifestyle

Whats in a Name?

If you’ve had a baby, or lets be honest, a long living pet breed or ever bought a boat, picking a name is no small task! There’s so many things to consider…Is it too popular or too “unique”?  Is there a nickname or will you use just the full name? Will the name work for an adult too or does it feel too babyish?  What will the monogram be…does it spell something inappropriate or weird that may become an unwanted nickname? Is it too short or too long? Does the name flow with the other names in your family? Will you love the name forever and ever? GAH!!!!!! So.Much.Pressure! Asking friends and family can be helpful but sometimes that backfires too…everyone has their opinion or knows of someone with that name and their opinion of the name may be clouded because of the person they knew.

But at least we have ALL been there at least once! And sometimes waiting until you meet your new addition helps make choosing their name a little easier. Aanndd sometimes that complicates things because you are on a deadline for paper work.

At Gunamuna, we struggled with this too. We are moms, we are pet owners, but also, when we make a new product, we have to name it. We created our Luxury Duvet Gunapods, and because we were SO excited about them we were at a loss for the perfect name and so we named them what they are: Pink Hearts, Blue Stars, and Alphabets. All are fine names. Short and to the point, but we decided we need to punch things up a bit and find some names that really truly fit them. Our fleece have names: Blueberry, Carrot, Charcoal, Chocolate, Cocoon, Pink Peppermint. Why should they have all the fun? Unlike with naming humans, pets and boats, we can change their names even though they are many months old. And unlike baby naming, we actually DO want your help! In honor of Valentines Day, w recently we asked our Instagram fans for some names for our Pink Hearts and this is what they came up with:

“Sweetheart”       “Carry your heart”      “Lots of Love “

“Smitten”          “Love at First Night”      “We Heart Sleep”

So many good options! How will we ever decide? We would LOVE for you to vote for your favorite or toss one of your own ideas into the ring!  We can not wait to see which name will win!

Hearts_Duvet.079_Silo copy

XO ,

The Gunamuna Mamas

Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Everyone from AZ Family Morning Show

WOAH! Gunapod was featured on the AZ Family Morning Show as a top Valentines Day Gift! We are always excited to see our Gunapod featured someplace but when its on TV we may or may not jump up and down a little bit 🙂  It makes us so happy to know that our Gunapods are loved by parents and babies over the place (even in Arizona without snow!)

Check out the video (and maybe snag some other gift ideas while you watch!) You can skip ahead to 2:34 to catch us

Happy Valentines Day !


The Gunamuna Mamas

Valentines Day Gift Guide from The Bump Club and Beyond!

Ahhh Valentines Day…Its sneaking right up on us! While I do think its important to show your love for the people you love on a regular basis, I simply adore Valentines Day! A special day to celebrate all Love, and here at Gunamuna we love LOVE! With the winter holidays only just a little over a month behind us, I know I was sort of stumped as to what little things I should pick up for my kids and husband. This morning when I checked my email, I discovered this fantastic gift guide from the Bump Club and Beyond and bonus: our Gunapods were featured! The Bump Club and Beyond really put together such a fun and fresh gift guide for ALL the Valentines in your life! I know that I will be picking up a few of these featured items … Check out the preview of our feature below and be sure to read the full guide HERE.

Untitledbump club gift guide vday


Happy Shopping!


The Gunamuna Mamas

Mommies With Cents: Gunapod Luxury Duvet for Baby: Review & #Giveaway

We LOVE this review from Mommies with Cents! We can not get over these adorable  photos of this blogger’s tiny 2 week old niece in our Luxury Duvet Gunapod! (Link below for the Mommies with Cents blog and giveaway!)


Mommies With Cents:
Gunapod Luxury Duvet for Baby: Review & #Giveaway

Having a newborn can be scary.  SIDS was always a worry when my kids were babies.  You have to be careful and keep blankets and other items out of the crib.  Sleep sacks are a safer alternative to blankets.  Gunapod makes a really nice wearable blanket that is perfect for keeping baby safe and comfortable. Gunapod features a Wonderzip system that makes diaper changes easy and helps control the temperature to prevent overheating.  It opens completely from underarm to underarm with 4 separate  zipper pulls so you can configure it how you like.  Unzip the bottom to accommodate a stroller safety strap or allow baby to kick freely. There are shoulder snaps and generous armholes for comfort.  I like how the front zipper has a little flap at the top to cover the zipper pull so that it won’t irritate baby.


You can rest assured that this product is safe because it was made with adherence with the strict standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CPSIA.  I got the super adorable pink heart print Gunapod Duvet for my brand new niece.  I was amazed by how soft and cozy the fabric is.  Seriously, I want one in my size! The secret to it’s luxuriously soft feel is the soft-fibered rayon fabric made from eco-friendly bamboo — a self-replenishing plant that is both plentiful and naturally harvested. The hypoallergenic bamboo fibers actually breathe better than cotton which makes it perfect for protecting sensitive skin and for keeping your baby from overheating.

Sun Jan 29 2017 17-53-49 GMT-0800

Another thing I love about the Gunapod Duvet is that it is made so that it can be used longer than a normal wearable baby product.  The size small fits 0-9 months!  My niece was only 2 weeks old when this photo was taken and there’s lots of room for her to grow! The Gunapod Duvet is available up to size XL which will fit up to 36 months.

The fabric of this particular style is amazing but the other ones look pretty amazing too!  The plush fleece look super soft!  Be sure to check out everything they have to offer at www.gunamuna.com.

Enter to win a pair of Gunapod Duvet by visiting the Mommies with Cents Blog Here: http://www.mommieswithcents.com/gunapod-luxury-duvet-baby-review-giveaway/

This giveaway is open until February 10, 2017 at 12:01 am EST to U.S residents.


In Your Neighborhood… Amma Parenting

In Your Neighborhood …

Amma Parenting


amma parenting 2Becoming a parent can be one of the most joyous times in your life…. and the most confusing. But if you live in Minnesota, lucky for you, Amma Parenting is THE place to go to sort it all out! New and expecting families can get the critical information and support they need in a cheerful, friendly environment. Using the latest media and evidence based curricula, and trusted by hundreds of midwives and doctors, Amma Parenting is the largest provider of childbirth classes in the Twin Cities. You and your partner will feel empowered and prepared for whatever your baby decides to do in your womb, in the delivery room and beyond. Already gave birth…Now what? They have classes and support for you too! Taught by nurses and lactation consultants, their mom and baby classes are not to be missed. Additionally, they offer an Infant sleep program, lactation education and support, playgroups, classes for grandparents, and even virtual classes if you can’t make it in to one of their “nests” in the city. We love partnering with Amma Parenting because we both enjoy making parents lives easier.  If you are in the neighborhood, we invite you to stop in, take a class, shop in their boutique, and make new friends.

amma parenting

Q & A with Sara APRN CNM IBCLC
Founder, Director of Education

Name a fun fact about your store/ business:

Amma is a root word for “mother” or “grandmother” in many languages across the globe. It’s a term of endearment. It’s also what my third baby called me before he could say “mama”!
What is your favorite thing about our Gunapods?
We love gunapods because the extra weight can help settle a baby who’s learning to sleep without being swaddled.

What is your favorite season and why?

In Minnesota I think the prettiest season is fall, with the bright colors, delicious apples, and a last good-bye to nice weather before we all retreat inside for the long winter.

What sleep tip or advice would you give a new mom?

We have a book on sleep that I would recommend to all new parents! It’s a quick, easy read that focuses on preventing the need for sleep training. It’s called the Amma Parenting Center Book of Sleep and can be ordered by calling us – and can shipped anywhere!

3511 Hazelton Road   Edina MN 55435   www.ammaparentingcenter.com

Join them on Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest

Gunapod Review by Kellys Thoughts On Things

Thank you Kellys Thoughts On Things for this review! We love that you named our Gunapod a Perfect Valentines Day gift <3 Check out her review below and be sure to check out her thoughts on all sorts of things on her blog!

Wearable Baby Blankets Are What All Mothers Need For Their Baby


Gunamuna has the perfect Valentine’s for your little one. Introducing their newest version of their wearable blanket –  Gunapod® Premium Luxury Duvet.

Easier Smarter Wearable Blanket


Featuring the unique all around WONDERZiP® system. Which helps you have the easiest changing of the diaper while you are out on the go. And helping to keep the little one from getting too hot. Because it will open from the underarm to underarm.


While featuring 4 separate zipper pulls that work in many different ways. You can unzip from the top to the bottom and leave the top of the Gunapod® snapped together. Or you can unzip all the way down the front to give you easy access to your baby. Because if you unzip the Gunapod® along the bottom, it will accommodate a car seat or stroller safety strap. Which gives your baby the freedom to kick all they want too.


Also snaps on the shoulders with a big and loose neckline. If you need to, you can unsnap the shoulders and lift your baby out from the top of the blanket. I really love the big loose fit. These are so amazing and so super soft and comfy that I wished they made them in adult sizes. Because I would keep one with me while traveling.

While they are super extra lush & snuggly offering your baby the ultimate sleep experience. While it really doesn’t get any better than this. Super-soft, silky bamboo viscose that wraps around premium fill that helps to keep your baby super warm. It really does feel like a down comforter. It keeps your little one snug as a bug. While meeting the strictest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CPSIA.

Leave a comment and let us know what you think about the new Gunapod® Premium Luxury Duvet by Gunamuna. Think your baby would love this as much as I do? Hopefully they make them in adult sizes soon.


(Original Review can be found HERE )


Sweet Dreams,

The Gunamuna Mamas

Lil Mamas: Sat Stuff We Like– GUNAPOD Wearable Blanket

A glowing review from The Lil Mamas!


Welp. It’s gotten a wee bit chilly ’round the country the last few weeks, which means finding the right products to keep warm is key. Especially when it comes to keeping your baby warm.

Meet Gunapod – The EASIER SAFER SMARTER wearable blanket – for any of your pieces. Gunapod features the unique all around WONDERZiP® system for the easiest changing and temperature control to prevent overheating.The WONDERZiP® opens completely from underarm to underarm, with 4 separate pulls functioning in a multitude of ways as you choose.The most generous fit – wider and longer body, shoulder snaps and generous armholes for maximum comfort. Gunapod® adheres to the strictest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CPSIA.

Plus, Gunapod recently introduced a new version of their wearable blanket – the Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet, the best way to pamper your baby with luxurious sleep.

Extra lush + snuggly, the new Luxury Duvet provides your baby with the ultimate sleep experience. A sleep sack doesn’t get more rad than this. With super-soft bamboo viscose that envelops premium fill for extra warmth, it feels like a down comforter. Plus all the exclusive features that have made Gunapod the choice of #MAMAS. You’ll love it so much, you’ll totally want one for yourself!


For the full review and more info on Lil Mamas: Not Your Mama’s Mama Blog, click HERE

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