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The Gunapod

Positively the most comfortable + easiest sleep sack.

Your baby will get the best sleep ever. And so will you.

We all want our babies to sleep safely but we also want them to be comfortable. That’s why each Gunapod is made with the unique  WONDERZiP® which provides easier diaper change, no overheating, and a superb fit, exceeding the strictest safety standards. Easier. Safer. Smarter. We don’t spend our time making anything else.


While treating your baby to the luscious feel of super-soft fabrics, the roomy Gunapod sack can’t be kicked off. And the generous fit provides baby with plenty of space to fold legs + spread out, move arms freely. That means baby stays comfortable and safe all night long.

When a diaper change is needed, your baby stays warm + cozy with the WONDERZiP®. No need to undress.

What’s more, its sleeveless design and our patented 4-way, all-around WONDERZiP® enables you to regulate baby’s body temperature for continual comfort — ensuring healthy airflow.

Gunapod with WONDERZiP® – The perfect sleep sack wearable blanket. No wonder it won so many awards + rave reviews.

Here’s how to Use it Your Way ……

Unzip from the bottom for the easiest diaper change. Gunapod is the only sleep sack that does this.

Keep baby covered while changing. No need to undress baby or uncover to make a change. Baby stays warm + cozy while being changed.

Wider + longer fit. Babies want to wiggle + kick + fold their legs, to their hearts’ content. They want to move inside their wearable blanket, feel freedom. No added weight no tight fit. And we want babies to be comfortable + happy. So Gunapod is designed with the most generous, hip-healthy, wiggle-friendly fit of any wearable blanket. Good nite. Sweet dreams.

Large arm holes. The comfort of a Gunapod includes the armholes, letting babies move their arms freely as well. Cuz nobody wants to feel confined.

Zip garages provide added protection for baby’s skin — with a sheath of super-soft fabric that covers the zipper tops.

Shoulder Snaps for another option to dress/undress.

Super Soft …… Yup. Super soft + luxurious fabrics.