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First Thyme Mom Review


Over the weekend, something amazing happened. The humidity started to disappear! It’s a wonderful thing when the intense summer heat fades, since it reminds us all that fall is on the horizon. This means cooler temps, and that I need to start thinking about warmer sleepwear for my son.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, sleep sacks are one of my FAVORITE baby products! They are so cozy and warm, and I love the thought of my little bundle sleeping soundly in one of these wonderful inventions. Enter the Gunamuna Gunapod. Isn’t that fun to say?! This heavier weight sleep pod is perfect, especially as it begins to cool off during the night.

The Gunapod has a patented WonderZiP zipper system. This system is unique because it is an all-around zip with four pulls, making it very easy (for mom or dad) to unzip when needed. Changing his diaper at night is a cinch with this type of zippering system because I do not need to take him all the way out of the Gunapod. Also, if I feel that he is becoming too hot in the Gunapod, I can unzip the bottom to cool him off a bit. The ultra-soft fabric keeps my son snug and warm at night, and it is also designed to comfortably wick away moisture as he sleeps.

There are so many adorable patterns to choose from – how does anyone choose just one? Easy – you don’t! It is always good to have 2-4 sleep sacks in rotation at one time.

Gunamuna also has solid plush options available as well. The name “Gunamuna” means “innocent one” – love this! All of their products adhere to the strictest standards set by the AAP, the CPSIA, and the British Safety Standard. I can sleep tight this fall knowing my son is wrapped in the ultimate of comfort and safety! Check out all of their products here!

Stephanie Rae

MBA, Master’s of Human Nutrition, and Mom. Stephanie’s subfertility journey has lead to the greatest adventure of her life – Motherhood. In addition to working full time, she chronicles her experiences of pregnancy and parenthood, and also shares nutritious recipes that are easy to prepare for busy families on the go. Feel free to send a message to Stephanie, as she loves to hear from her readers!