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GunaMuna Gift Guide 2016: Best Mama Friends

Mom Squad …They are always there for you when you need a pep talk (or a glass of wine). You are navigating this crazy world of motherhood together: Cheering each other’s kids on at swim lessons, kissing each other’s kids booboos. They understand that there’s a lot going on for the holidays and more than likely don’t want you to spend money on them but something small and thoughtful will be a perfect way to thank them for always being your rock!


Q &A a Day For Kids: A 3 Year Journal – Yes, this is kid- related but this journal is a wonderful mom-child activity that takes just minutes a day (if that) or can be worked on at their own pace. I have been filling this journal out with my now 4 year old son for the last year and have really enjoyed it! We started doing it every night before bed but then we skipped some days and started doing it once a week. I’m looking forward to restarting January 1st and looking back on his answers to the same questions from the previous year. All my closest mama friends with 3 & 4 year olds are getting these…already wrapped and under my tree! (If you are one of them, try to act surprised)


Moms can always use a little something fun for themselves and Sephora is a great place to find something! LashsToGo is a set of 5 comes with an enclosed voucher that you can bring in to a US Sephora store to redeem for a full-size favorite. I am personally not a big make up person and wear very minimal make up but this set is on my own wish list.

These sleep masks are fun too (I use and love these!) And at $4 each you can easily toss a couple in with your mascara gift set or pair with Lush Bath Bombs for a mom who could use a little more “me” time.

giftgide-skinnytasteFast and Slow cookbook by Skinny Taste — Moms are BUSY. Keeping yourself and little people alive and happy and a house in …okayish shape, and staying somewhat sane it’s a lot more work than I think most of us imagined. And feeding people… All the people, every day, forever. I’ve made quite a few meals from the Skinny Taste website and every single thing has been a success (hard to believe but it’s the truth!).  I was so excited when Skinny Taste Fast and Slow cookbook was released!  It’s such a great gift because it’s loaded with recipes that can be made under 30 minutes or in a slow cooker. Bingo! Your favorite mama friend will thank you for shaking up her dinner rut!

giftguide-kinderperfectKinderCards is essentially Cards Against Humanity for parents! Can be played alone or mixed into Cards Against Humanity for a fun night in. Popular blogger ScaryMommy says “KinderPerfect is the perfect excuse to pour a little (or a sh*tload) of wine and hang out with like-minded friends.”

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I have yet to meet a mom who is not obsessed with Instagram. Posting pics of your kids with your favorite filter and various editing tools…you are practically a professional photographer. Some of my favorite photos of my kids are on Instagram, but then I never can figure out the best way to get them off my phone and in my hand. CHATBOOKS is the answer! You can buy your mom friends gift cards (available in as low as $10) so they can start getting their photos in hand asap!  It’s easy and they will love it. Each book holds 60 photos that are imported right from Instagram. No work required! Photos can be deleted and rearranged within the book if needed prior to printing and mailing.  And the best part? Each book is only $8 per book and that includes shipping.