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Gunapod Cotton Wearable Blanket a Hit! By Nathalie Cappione-Smith (Right Start Blog)

The Gunamuna Gunapod Cotton Wearable Blanket, as featured in the April issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine,  is a great addition to your baby’s sleepwear. It’s perfect during any season of the year, as it’s made out of cotton allowing your little one to wear during hot and cold days, while keeping them comfortably covered throughout the night.

Why I love the Gunapod Wearable Blanket? As first time parent, it has been a little bit challenging to put our tiny one to sleep. Every night my husband needs to rock our baby until she falls asleep, and really, REALLY gently put her in her crib. Most nights, we would put her in a zip-front wearable blanket before the sleeping process starts but, of course, sometimes we’d forget, and that meant moving her arms and legs in place waking her up.

With the Gunapod wearable blanket, it is really easy to cover her without having to move her little arms or legs, I can just unsnap the top, opening (the snaps are so convenient!) the whole blanket in half, place my baby facing up and snap the top of the blanket in place and not a single body adjustment had to be made. So she’s asleep, completely comfortable and covered all night!

Another great advantage of the blanket is the zippers on both sides. When you have to wake up in the middle of the night (or early mornings) to change your baby’s soiled diaper you can just unzip whichever side you prefer, move his or her legs out, undo the pajamas, change the diaper, put the pajama back on and zip the blanket back in place!

With the Gunapod Wearable Blanket, your baby gets plenty of room to move his or her little legs up, down and around. Even with a few machine washes the Gunapod stays in great condition; all the colors and the shape are still in place. The design works great for either boys or girls, so if you are planning on having a second or third child this is definitely a piece you can pass on.

Check out more on this product in this month’s issue of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine! Or, you can the many fun styles and sizes at Right Start!

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