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In Your Neighborhood…Fritz & Gigi

Fritz & Gigi


Fritz & Gigi is one of our newest retailers but may also just be one of our oldest running retailers with a unique history. Opening way back in December 1938, under the name The Concord Children’s Shop, by three Concord matrons to fill a “void” in the local children’s clothing scene by providing the finest children’s apparel that could be found.  The shop was later sold in 1947 and moved to its current location, where it remained a family owned business for 3 generations! When the 3rd generation took over, the shop received a little refresh with a couple cans of yellow paint and given its current name of Fritz & Gigi, the names of the 2nd generation owners.

In March 2016, a new family acquired Fritz & Gigi: Tina Napoli Fahey, her husband Jack and children Jake and Chloe. While they are no relation to Fritz & Gigi’s family, they love this shop and are thrilled to be carrying the torch of this Concord fixture. This historic shop has won multiple awards including 2 Best of Boston Awards for Best Children’s Clothing Shop, and 9 consecutive years of Community News Readers Choice Regional Gold. We imagine those three founding Concord matrons would be proud that their shop has been loved by so many over the last 7 decades and has won so many awards! (If only we had a time machine!)

We are so excited to bring safe sleep and sweet dreams to Fritz & Gigi. Please pop by and say hello and see for yourself why this shop has been successful all these years! With clothing sizes for girl from birth to 14 and for boy from birth to 12, you can dress all the children you love.

Q and A with Fritz & Gigi owner, Tina

What is your favorite thing about the Gunapod?

The zipper on the bottom and the feel of course!

What sleep tip or advice would you give to new moms?
Reading 12 hours by 12 weeks. Found it very helpful and super easy read.  (Being a new mom I couldn’t get through a gossip magazine..never mind a long book).
What is your favorite thing about owning a locally owned shop?
My favorite thing about owning a shop is how strongly people feel about it. It is not just my shop it is theirs too.. so much history.. 77 years!!!
Fritz & Gigi  79 Main Street, Concord , Ma  www.FritzandGigi.com