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In Your Neighborhood…Hip Baby Gear

In Your Neighborhood……..

Hip Baby Gear


Hip Baby Gear, located in the beautiful and friendly seaside town of Marblehead MA, is a must stop when visiting the Boston’s North Shore area.  Since opening its website in 2005 and its brick and mortar doors in 2006, Hip Baby Gear has won numerous awards for both its product offerings and customer service. They are known on the North Shore for their extensive high end stroller selection (offering 20+ models on the floor at any given time!) along with their knowledgeable sales staff. Jami and Michael Reyes, along with their 9 month old son Hudson, took over Hip Baby Gear this fall and have many plans on keeping this locally owned small business Cool, Fresh, and Fun! We invite you to follow them on Facebook and watch for their updates.


Q & A with Hip Baby Gear owner Jami

What do you like best about owning a locally owned shop?

   We love meeting our neighbors near and far and getting to know them and their families.  I adore spending time with newly expecting parents and helping them navigate the abundance of products and gear out there.  They are always so excited and overwhelmed and I get so much joy being able to help them!

 Favorite thing about gunapods?

Not only that it keeps Hudson warm and snuggly but that he associates bedtime with his Duvet Gunapod.  Before it would take him a long time to settle down, especially as he hits developmental milestones, but now he settles right in and knows it’s time to sleep.

What sleep tip or advice would you give a new mom?

Do whatever you need to just survive!  Try and shut out all the well meaning advice, stay off blogs and listen to your gut.  Every baby is different and their needs are as such.  Be flexible and know that as soon as you figure it out it may change so go with the flow as much as you can.  We will sleep again some day!!

 Favorite way to unwind at the end of the day?  

Relaxing on the couch with the hubby sipping a glass of wine or bottle of Shipyard!

Favorite place to take a nap?

Snuggled next to our 9 month old, best napping buddy ever.

Fun Fact: Hip Baby Gear was one of the first shops to write an order for our Gunapod! We popped in with a couple samples and their buyer wrote an order on the spot.

Hip Baby Gear. Marblehead Ma.  www.HipBabyGear.com