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Gunamuna Gift Guide 2016 : Husbands

Husbands….Why are they SO hard to shop for? You know them better than anyone else (except for maybe your kids) and yet, I always feel stumped! They either have a million hobbies and everything they need for them already, or don’t have any real hobbies. They either work in an office and you’ve bought all those officey gifts already (how many paperweights and ties does one guy need?), or they don’t have an office and work outside or someplace that makes coming up with a work related gift a lot harder. We hope this gift guide helps make shopping for (one of) your biggest fan a little bit easier.



I can’t help but giggle when I look at this mug. We happen to be big The Office fans (remember Michael’s “World’s Best Boss” Mug?) While I generally steer away from gifts

that are “just stuff” the “Okayest Husband” mug seems to be an exception to my rule.  Wrap with some decadent coffee beans or maybe a Ninja Coffee Station and you’ve got yourself a fun yet practical theme gift! (and let’s be honest, the Ninja Coffee Bar is a gift to yourself too )



llbeanslippersWicked Good Moccasins…  These are so cozy! Slip on these soft sheepskin slippers and you’ll understand exactly how they earned their name. I like how they look ever so slightly old man-ish (my dad always had this style while I was growing up). They are offered in four colors but my favorite is the old classic brown. The best part: they are LLBean so if they don’t hold up as well as you hoped, you can return them no questions asked!



Dads (and most people unless you are a toddler) like naps and naps outside are pretty relaxing! Made in the USA, this quick drying LL Bean hammock is as durable in the elements as polyester but feels just like cotton so its really soft and comfortable to relax in. This is gift because the whole family can enjoy it! Maybe you are lucky to live in a warm climate year round but if you are like us new Englanders, you might have to pack this away for the warmer weather. Unless of course you have the space to set it up in a finished based or an insulated sun porch until the spring rolls around. Like this idea but not feeling this for the winter holidays? Keep this in mind for Fathers Day in June!



My husband swears this Nintendo NES Classic is on every guy’s list if they are between the ages of 35 and 45. Apparently it’s on his and I had no idea. I mean, I didn’t even hear about this getting released (what rock did I just climb out from under?). The system also includes 30 classic games in their original format.  Upon further investigation, I agreed this was worth making the list! Great price point – assuming you can get one at retail. These things are like the Hatchimals for adults (although I cannot understand the obsession with them) You might need to know a guy who knows a guy to get one, but it will be worth it!



This beer making kit looks so fun! You can choose from Everyday IPA, Summer Wheat or Bruxelles Blonde and it comes with everything you need to do a home brew. Each mix makes about a gallon of beer and the equipment can be reused. Gluten Free Beer Kit also available. Not a beer lover? That’s ok, Williams Sonoma offers other kits too like Make Your Own Gin, Make Your Own Hot Sauce.


Stocking Stuffers:

SwissCard. 10 functions packed into the size of a credit card.
Origins Save the Males Energizing Shave Cream
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