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In Your Neighborhood…Clothes Pony

In Your Neighborhood…

Clothes Pony


If you ever find yourself in Colorado, drop everything and get over to Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys in historic Old Town Fort Collins!  A large, rambling, eclectic store, carrying children’s clothing, shoes, books, toys, baby gifts, infant carriers, cloth diapers, and lots more. For women they offer maternity clothing, diaper bags, shoes and accessories. You are sure to find what you are looking for…and then some. Their bright, colorful, playful shop is as enjoyable to just hang out in as it is to shop! We only wish they were closer so we could pop in for a visit!

Seconds after stepping foot in the door, it’s very obvious that Jenny and Becca, sisters and mothers, truly love what they do. They can often be found down on the floor in the play area with the littlest customers reading books and playing. If you are lucky you may get a front row seat to one or both of them loudly belting out Broadway show tunes and laughing while they are working away. (Their rendition of “Surrey With The Fridge On Top” is said to be their signature)  Jenny, Becca and their staff sincerely love kids – sassy, ferocious, fearless, wondering, wild, stinky, shy, brilliant, brash, loud, funny, cuddly, stumbling and sweet. In fact, meeting the beautiful, entertaining, endlessly fascinating babies and children who come to play and shop is one of their favorite things about owning their shop! (can’t say we blame them!)

One reason these two ladies have happiness written all over themselves and their shop is because Clothes Pony is really a wish come true for them. Growing up they dreamt of living in the same town and raising their babies together, but life happened and they spent a lot of their adult life apart. In 2001 the stars aligned and they found themselves in Fort Collins together. In 2003, their wish came true when together they opened Clothes Pony. After loving running the store together, they decided to open Dandelion Toys and later Urban Blossom (a funky shop for tweens). You are never too big to shop with these 2 lovely sisters! Clothes Pony and Gunamuna partnered up when Gunapod was only one year old and we’ve really enjoyed watching their successful business grow.


Fun Fact: Jenny was a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala for three years and is the cofounder of the non-profit Trees Water & People. Becca has worked in the non-profit world as well with homeless families and youth.


Q&A with Jenny and Becca

What do you like best about owning a locally owned shop?

We love owning clothes pony because we love our customers.  We think families need and crave community and we try to provide a place for parents to come together in a fun accepting environment.

Favorite thing about gunapods.

We choose Gunamuna because of the way the zipper works.  Parents need to be able to change their babies easily and Gunamuna lets you change your baby without waking them. For older kids the side zipper is awesome because toddlers can unzip   and wear their sleep sacks trailing behind them as they stand up in the crib or wander around in the morning. We reject all sleep sacks with a front zip

What sleep tip or advice would you give a new mom?

The advice we give parents is to try to shut out all the “shoulds” that you hear from friends, family, and media.  Parents need to do what works for them and their baby.  Look at your baby, your temperament,and your family setup, and create a way of parenting that works for you. Mostly a lot of love and as much laughter as possible are the main ingredients to successful parenting.


Clothes Pony & Dandelion Toys

111 N. College   Fort Collins, CO 80524  www.clothespony.com