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Sara Bane Gunapod Chicks Review for Guidance Guide

Have you heard of Guidance Guide? Its a new community for parents that just launched this year! Founded by Jennifer Buske (the famous Jamie Greyson’s- aka “the BabyGuyNYC”- sister), Guidance Guide is the new hot spot for finding all sorts of baby gear , but with a twist….its all real reviews by their team of ambassadors – all real parents. Their beta site recently went live for  testing and on it we found not 1 but 2 reviews of our gunapod! woo hoo! You do need to become a member to get in on the Guidance Guide reviews but its free to join . Just in case you aren’t a member yet , we snagged the reviews to bring them to you. Ps: in case you missed it, you can find the first review here

…. Drum Roll please……..

A review by Sara Bane for Guidance Guide


If you have never tried a Gunapod from Gunamuna, I suggest you pop on over to their website and buy one, ASAP. This is one of those items that you try once, and nothing will ever be able to compare again.

When I took the Gunapod out of the packaging after receiving it, I was convinced I had never felt anything as soft in my life. I am not over exaggerating. I have spent hundreds of dollars on a luxury duvet for my bed that didn’t feel this amazing! The bamboo fabric is silky soft, and almost cool to the touch. It is filled with premium, lofty insulation, and the inside box construction ensures that none of the fill shifts. It is warm and unbelievably cozy, yet the larger arm openings provide plenty of airflow so baby doesn’t overheat. My daughter is normally a sweaty sleeper, but I was so surprised to have her wake up sweat-free! I cannot say the same for the store bought cotton sleep sack she wore previously.

The Gunapod is made to fit a bit larger and roomier than most other sacks. My daughter is 13 months old, of average height and weight, and she fits perfectly in the size medium, with ample growing room. My son, who is just shy of 5 years old, can wear the extra large! This is not a sleep sack that your child is going to grow out of overnight!

As much as I love the look and feel of the Gunapod, perhaps my favorite feature is their patented WONDERZiP system. The 4 way, all around zipper lets you open the sack COMPLETELY from the bottom! This means no removing baby from their cozy sack to do diaper changes. I have been buying the wrong sleep sacks for the past 5 years!!! Getting baby in and out of the Gunapod is a dream. Snaps on the shoulder open up completely, and the zippers on the front, sides, and bottom ensure that sleeping transfers will be the easiest thing you have done all day.

For parents with smaller babes, Gunapods come in a swaddle version as well!

Ordering is easy from the Gunamuna website (click here), and customers in Canada and USA can order from BuyBuyBaby as well (here)!