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Sara Bane Gunapod Review for Guidance Guide !

Have you heard of Guidance Guide? Its a new community for parents that just launched this year! Founded by Jennifer Buske (the famous Jamie Greyson’s- aka “the BabyGuyNYC”- sister), Guidance Guide is the new hot spot for finding all sorts of baby gear , but with a twist….its all real reviews by their team of ambassadors – all real parents. Their beta site recently went live for  testing and on it we found not 1 but 2 reviews of our gunapod! woo hoo! You do need to become a member to get in on the Guidance Guide reviews but its free to join . Just in case you aren’t a member yet , we snagged the reviews to bring them to you here….. Drum Roll please……..

Gunamuna Gunapod – Premium Luxury Bamboo Duvet

A review by Sara Bane for Guidance Guide 

For the past few years, I have struggled with keeping my son warm at night. He is autistic, and for sensory reasons, he will not sleep with a sheet or a comforter. Our options were to bundle him up in warm, fleecy pajamas, or crank the heat way up in his room.

I was recently speaking with Joy from Gunamuna about her Gunapods (you can read my full sleep review here), and she told me that she thought it would be perfect for my son. As he is almost 5 years old, I was sure he would never be able to fit into a sleep sack again, but Joy told me that I might be pleasantly surprised.

Pleasantly surprised doesn’t even begin to explain my feelings about the Gunapod for my son.

Firstly, the size is perfect for my son! He is in an extra large, and he still has plenty of room to grow into it. It is roomy enough that he doesn’t feel restricted, but not so loose that he gets tangled up in it.
The bamboo fabric is deliciously soft, and my son just sits on his bed and “pets” his sleep sack. The premium, lofty insulation keeps him warm and cozy, and the box construction makes sure that the fill doesn’t shift.

Gunamuna’s patented WONDERZiP 4 way all around zipper system lets me open the bottom of the Gunapod so my son is able to walk around with no issues. This is both a blessing and a curse, because I have the hardest time trying to persuade him to take it off so he can put on clothing for the day! He would run around the house all day in his Gunapod if I let him.

And now, to the most important part: sleep. My son slept the whole night with his Gunapod on! I could have cried. There was no tangling of blankets, no getting cold in the middle of the night, no sensory issues. To say that the Gunapod has changed the way my son can sleep would be an understatement.

I think it probably goes without saying that I highly recommend the Gunapod to parents with children on the spectrum or with sensory issues. You can even get a swaddle Gunapod if your child needs more deep pressure input for sleep.

The WONDERZiP system also makes the Gunapod ideal for premature babies, babies in the NICU, and babies with G-tubes or other lines. The ability to open the sack from the front, bottom, top, and sides allows access for any IV lines, feeding tubes, oxygen tubes, etc. without compromising your baby’s and older child’s warmth and comfort.

Gunamuna’s support and focus on the special needs community has made me love not just their Gunapods, but their company as a whole. Recently, they even donated some of their Gunapods to the Ethan M. Lindberg Foundation silent auction. Their desire to help vulnerable infants and ease the sensory discomforts of older children is admirable, and I hope that we are able to spread the word about this company to help more children with special needs.

You can purchase Gunapods from the Gunamuna website (click here), as well as from BuyBuyBaby (link here).