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The Gunapod :A review by Boston Baby Mama

guna-wha? guna-who? gunamuna!

Over the last two years since I started this site I have gotten many requests to review products, promote services and advertise events. I always tell people that I will not write about any product or service on the blog unless I or another Mama has used it. I have been contacted by everyone from food products (Back to Nature products are awesome!) to photographers that specialized in full-frontal pregnancy photographs (my boobs and lady land during pregnancy do not need to be frozen in time thank you) and everything in between.

Last week I was contacted by a local mom-treprenuer who offered to let me try out her wearable blanket that is just coming on the market. Of course! Who doesn’t like free stuff! A few days later a lovely package arrived in the mail, and thus began my love affair with the gunapod by gunamuna.

My first reaction to this amazing contraption was how luxe it was – it is made of the coziest blanket fabric I have ever felt in a baby product – like the wool of a baby sheep (not that I have ever actually felt a baby sheep but I imagine it to be this soft and wooly). I showed it to my husband and he said, “do they make this in adult sizes, because I want one.”

The hook of the gunapod is that there are many ways to get your child out of it. Unlike other wearable blankets on the market, there is a zipper that goes all around the outside of the sack, from armpit to armpit, which allows you to change babies diaper much easier that usual. There are also snaps on each shoulder. I was intrigued as we had never used anything like this before, and I was even more interested to see M’s reaction once she was wearing it.

M enjoying her gunapod

That night, as soon as I put it on her she gave me this wide eyed look, stroked her belly a few times, kicked her feet up and then said “wwwwhhhoooaaa.” Whoa is right M, it is awesome. And we haven’t looked back since. It is so great not to worry about her being too cold at night, and sweating our butts off in our bed because we have to turn the heat up for fear we will freeze M at night. I only wish I had gotten ahold of this product back in the fall – we would have saved a lot of money in heating bills for sure.

The gunapod comes in 3 sizes: Small (3-9 months), Medium (9-18 months) and Large (18-24 months). We are using the large size, which we will be able to use for a long time as it is very room on M now. It is available for purchase at Bloomingdales in Chestnut Hill, MA, Hip Baby Gear in Marblehead, Wild Child in Arlington and all Magic Beans stores, as well as online.

And I will keep my fingers crossed in hopes of a Women’s Large size coming soon! A girl can dream…

Boston Baby Mama