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The günaPOD® Swaddle Sack

It’s all in the details.

We never thought we would offer a swaddle given all the choices out there, but you asked for better. You wanted a swaddle that offers diaper changing without unswaddling baby, prevents Houdini breakouts + adjusts to your baby’s happy sleep style. A swaddle that’s comfortable, hip-healthy and super easy to use.

Meet the solution created by moms + healthcare providers – The günaPOD Swaddle Sack.

What is a günaPOD® swaddle sack?

  • A swaddle inside our günaPOD sleep sack wearable blanket
  • Super cozy bamboo viscose feels like a down comforter
  • Hugs baby while they are swaddled inside

Why is it special?

  • 5 different ways to swaddle baby. Allows you to transition as baby gets older + changes sleeps style
  • Easy snug fit every time.
    No need to worry if you have wrapped baby properly or tight enough. It just works
  • Your Houdini cannot breakout or kick off the swaddle
  • Proudly designated as “Hip-Healthy” by The International Hip Dysplasia Institute*
  • Temperature control: patented WONDERZiP provides easy ways to cool baby down ~ no other swaddle gives you this option
  • Safer design stays below baby’s face.
  • The special design mimics your soothing embrace.
  • Feels like a giant hug, all night long.

How does it work?

  • Super easy! Just unsnap the shoulders and unzip open
  • Put the baby inside the swaddle piece whichever way is most comfortable for baby (you have 5 options):
    • arms swaddled in
    • arms out but inside sack for warmth
    • arms outside sack for those babies who yell ‘freedom’
    • 1 or 2 arms up for self soothers
    • converts to sack

Additional Features

  • New quiet, soft Velcro (design keeps Velcro protected in wash)
  • Extra room to fold legs in ‘M’ position for hip-healthy growth
  • Super soft eco-friendly Bamboo Viscose is great for sensitive skin
  • Premium hypoallergenic fill simulates a down comforter.
  • Toxin-BPA-phthalate free.
  • Exceeds Safety Standards of USA, Canada, Britain, Recommendations from American Academy of Pediatrics
  • All günaPODs are rigorously tested to keep your baby safe

*More info on Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dyplasia Institute Award

Wrapping baby tight like a burrito is not a good thing.

So says the official IHDI. “When in the womb the baby’s legs are in a fetal position with the legs bent up. Straightening of the legs can loosen the joints and damage the soft cartilage of the socket. The baby’s legs should not be tightly wrapped straight down. Swaddling infants with hips and knees in an extended position may increase the risk of hip dysplasia and dislocation.”

The günaPOD Swaddle Sack allows baby to sleep in the natural ‘Frog’ or ‘M’ position, encouraging healthy growth.