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The Luxury Gunapod Sleep Sack For Babies Review by A Thrifty Diva

Luxury Bamboo Duvet Gunapod

In one week Miesha will be 5 months old. I find myself comparing her age, to my pregnancy. A year ago I was taking a pregnancy test, today I am zipping up my 4 month old daughter in her Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet sleep sack for a nap. I sit back and reflect on how fast we got here and am in awe at the milestones. I mean, I fed her pureed green beans for dinner yesterday, and the day I gave birth to her is still fresh in my mind.

GunaMuna Luxury Bamboo Duvet Gunapod

Her bedtime routine has been pretty flawless. I’m thanking my lucky stars she appreciates a good night of sleep as much as I do. Our nightly routine starts with a quiet room and dimmed lighting. I nurse her for about twenty minutes and then get her in a fresh diaper.She slips into her Gunapod Luxury Bamboo Duvet wearable blanket and with a little patting usually drifts off to sleep in her Arms Reach.

the Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet

The Gunapod is a wearable blanket with an all around WONDERZiP® system that is perfect for changing baby. The WONDERZiP® opens completely from underarm to underarm, with 4 separate pulls functioning in a multitude of ways. You can also use the Gunapod in a carseat or stroller, just unzip and allow the baby to free the  babies legs and use the safety strap on the carseat or stroller. The Gunapod is a snuggly super-soft duvet for safer sleeping.

Gunapod sleepsack

We love the heart pattern, it’s perfect for February and my little princess. Gunapod® adheres to the strictest standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CPSIA.

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Thank you to A Thifty Diva for this review!