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Whats in a Name?

If you’ve had a baby, or lets be honest, a long living pet breed or ever bought a boat, picking a name is no small task! There’s so many things to consider…Is it too popular or too “unique”?  Is there a nickname or will you use just the full name? Will the name work for an adult too or does it feel too babyish?  What will the monogram be…does it spell something inappropriate or weird that may become an unwanted nickname? Is it too short or too long? Does the name flow with the other names in your family? Will you love the name forever and ever? GAH!!!!!! So.Much.Pressure! Asking friends and family can be helpful but sometimes that backfires too…everyone has their opinion or knows of someone with that name and their opinion of the name may be clouded because of the person they knew.

But at least we have ALL been there at least once! And sometimes waiting until you meet your new addition helps make choosing their name a little easier. Aanndd sometimes that complicates things because you are on a deadline for paper work.

At Gunamuna, we struggled with this too. We are moms, we are pet owners, but also, when we make a new product, we have to name it. We created our Luxury Duvet Gunapods, and because we were SO excited about them we were at a loss for the perfect name and so we named them what they are: Pink Hearts, Blue Stars, and Alphabets. All are fine names. Short and to the point, but we decided we need to punch things up a bit and find some names that really truly fit them. Our fleece have names: Blueberry, Carrot, Charcoal, Chocolate, Cocoon, Pink Peppermint. Why should they have all the fun? Unlike with naming humans, pets and boats, we can change their names even though they are many months old. And unlike baby naming, we actually DO want your help! In honor of Valentines Day, w recently we asked our Instagram fans for some names for our Pink Hearts and this is what they came up with:

“Sweetheart”       “Carry your heart”      “Lots of Love “

“Smitten”          “Love at First Night”      “We Heart Sleep”

So many good options! How will we ever decide? We would LOVE for you to vote for your favorite or toss one of your own ideas into the ring!  We can not wait to see which name will win!

Hearts_Duvet.079_Silo copy

XO ,

The Gunamuna Mamas