The easiest diaper change imaginable.
Thanks to the 4-way, all-around WONDERZiP®.

Our competitors have tried. Inverted zippers. Double zip. 2-way zippers. 3/4 zippers, etc. But they still don’t have it right.

We re-invented the zipper.
The 4-way, all-around WONDERZiP® is the only zipper that opens up completely from the bottom. günaPOD® is the guaranteed easiest diaper change possible ~ without undressing your baby.

Baby stays warm + cozy while changing is easy + fast.

Use it Your Way ….

No need to undress your baby on a cold winter’s night. Just unzip the bottom. The günaPOD opens up from the bottom, allowing you to change the diaper while keeping baby covered and warm. It’s as easy as a diaper change can be.

No problem when baby nods off in transit. When your baby falls asleep in a stroller or car seat, you’re afraid to transfer into a sack for fear of waking up, right? Not anymore. The günaPOD with WONDERZiP® opens up completely, when needed, for an easy transfer.

Control your baby’s body temp. With the all-around WONDERZiP® system, you can unzip as much or as little as you want to control airflow, while still keeping baby covered + safe.

Zipper closed, super snuggly